Get your Disney Rewards card while on vacation

So, you have been saving up your Disney Rewards for a few years for your fabulous Disney vacation. You arrive at Walt Disney World, and in the hectic planning, forgot to order your Disney Rewards card. Your on vacation and your Disney Rewards are unusable, sitting lonely in some account somewhere. Now, you have the option to get a Disney Rewards card immediately at the Disney theme parks. Just stop by one of these Disney Guest Relations locations with your Disney VISA and some picture ID:

Walt Disney World

Downtown Disney Marketplace
Downtown Disney Westside

Disney’s California Adventure® Theme Park
Disneyland® Resort City Hall
Esplanade (between Disneyland and California Adventure)

This is a great option for those who forgot to get a Disney Rewards card before leaving home, or who may have lost theirs during their vacation.

Use your Disney Rewards!

Disney has announce a new way to use your Disney Rewards. Simply go to, and from that site, you will be able to order gift checks good towards Disney items at retailers across the country. You have the option of buying Movie Cash, good towards a Disney movie at your local theater, Video/DVD cash, go towards a Disney video of DVD or a Music/Video Game/Book cash, good towards any Disney product that would fit in that category.

This is a great way to use your Disney Rewards that are about to expire, or if you don’t plan on taking a Disney trip anytime in the near future. All payments are made with your Disney Rewards Card, and the items are shipped to you free of charge. The gift checks are valid at a number of retailers and theaters. You shouldn’t have any problem finding a place to use them, but check the list of retailers/theaters before you buy.

0% interest on Disney Vacations

Disney VISA cardmembers are able to take advantage of a fantastic deal. Whe you book a trip to either Disneyland, Walt Disney World o a Cruise on the Disney Cruis Line, and you use your Disney VISA to pay for the trip, you will automatically receive the 0% APR for up to 6 months on purchases of qualifying Disney vacation packages, provided that any payment on your account is not past due at the time of purchase.

Chase allocates payments to promotional and introductory balances with low APR’s before applying payments to higher APR balances. This means the length of time that you receive the 0% APR will vary based on the amount of your monthly payments and the APR’s on other balances on this account. Valid for certain U.S. Theme Park ticket-inclusive Disney vacation packages (minimum three nights at Walt Disney World® / two nights at Disneyland® Resorts) and all Disney Cruise Line® packages of $101 up to a maximum of $10,000 per transaction charged to Disney’s Visa® Card prior to your arrival and booked by you or your travel agent through Walt Disney Travel Company or Disney Cruise Line®.

Disney Reward Dollars

When using your Disney VISA card, you will receive 1% of the purchase back in the form of Disney Reward Dollars.

When using your Disney VISA card, you will receive 1% of the purchase back in the form of Disney Reward Dollars. Once you have earned $20 Reward Dollars, you are able to transfer them over to your Disney Rewards Card, a credit card like card issued to you. The Disney Rewards Card can be used at Disney Stores, Disneyland, Walt Disney World and abord the Disney Cruise Line. It can also be to purchase park passes to one of the Disney theme parks, to pay for part of a Disney travel package or Disney Cruise, merchandise at, meals at Disney restaurants, souvenirs, tours, golf or just about anything else you can think of that involves Disney.

Just present your rewards card as if paying with a credit card. You will receive a receipt showing the amount of rewards dollars used, and how many you have left on your card. The card is refillable, so you can continue to transfer fund to it (minimum amount is $10). Warning: The Disney Rewards Card has an expiration date. If you have reward dollars on the card when it expires, you lose those reward dollars. You only lose the dollars transfered to the card, not any that are still in your account, and not transfered over. Only transfer over the reward dollars you plan on using, or you can use prior to the expiration of the card.