Use your Disney Rewards!

Disney has announce a new way to use your Disney Rewards. Simply go to, and from that site, you will be able to order gift checks good towards Disney items at retailers across the country. You have the option of buying Movie Cash, good towards a Disney movie at your local theater, Video/DVD cash, go towards a Disney video of DVD or a Music/Video Game/Book cash, good towards any Disney product that would fit in that category.

This is a great way to use your Disney Rewards that are about to expire, or if you don’t plan on taking a Disney trip anytime in the near future. All payments are made with your Disney Rewards Card, and the items are shipped to you free of charge. The gift checks are valid at a number of retailers and theaters. You shouldn’t have any problem finding a place to use them, but check the list of retailers/theaters before you buy.

2 thoughts on “Use your Disney Rewards!”

  1. I was sent a mailer to apply for a Disney VISA Platinum Card. I cannot find the offer/mailer. I was trying to call in to apply. Could you please send me a phone number so I may call in.

    Thank you.

    Josephh T Jordan, Jr.

  2. On the front page of the site, on the left hand side, look for a link that says Click on the link and apply there. That is the official Chase/First USA site. If you apply online, you will get a $15 Disney Store gift card. If you call, you will not get it. You can call and apply by calling (877) 999-3872 and ask to apply for the Disney VISA.

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