New card designs

Chase, which recently purchased Bank One, is releasing new card designs in association with the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. Current cardmembers will be soon receiving the updated red card with Mickey Ears on it, similar to the current cards, but with Chase’s logo on it. Card holders can call 1-888-315-4225 to request one of the different designs. You have your choice betwee Bambi, Vintage Mickey, Mickey & Friends or the limited edition Happiest Celebration on Earth cards.

New Disney VISA cards

2 thoughts on “New card designs”

  1. I just orderd my Vintage Mickey, I am so excited! Thanks for the news, that is just great. I had a hard time picking betwen the Vintage Mickey and the Mickey and Friends one. I really like all of them, they all look so cool!

  2. I just ordered my Vintage Mickey, it took me a long time to decide. I was torn between the Vintage Mickey and the limited edition Happiest Place on Earth card. I like that it was limited, but after a couple of weeks, my cards looked hammered, so I went with the Vintage Mickey card. I am excited. I get a lot of comments with my current Pixie Dust card, this won is way better. The process took all of 2 minutes, but have your current card on hand, you will need it.

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