Disney Premier VISA Card

Disney and Chase have introduced a brand new Disney VISA card this morning, the Premier Disney VISA Card. This card is in addition to the current Disney VISA cards from Chase, and has an annual fee and some additional perks (plus unique card designs).

Disney Premier VISA Card Details

  • $49 annual fee
  • Earn 2% in reward dollars on card purchases at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and most Disney locations
  • Reward dollars can be used to purchase airline tickets
  • 8 Unique card designs, though a few are very close to the existing designs
  • A $100 Disney Gift Card after first purchase

Disney/Chase has added a page to compare the two Disney VISA programs: Disney VISA Premier vs. Disney VISA Classic

Please not again this is a completely separate program from the existing Chase Disney VISAs. As this was announced just a few minutes ago, there is not any information about if Chase will be ending the existing program (very unlikely) or if they will be offering existing cardholders the opportunity to move over (very likely). More information to come.